He had his first vax on 30th August 2021 and hasn't had any more.
He saw side effects within days, we suspect he had a very minor stroke in December 2021 which took a few months to recover from. He has been left with long term tinitus, fasticulations throughout his body and a vibrating tongue and neurological damage.
He had to give up work for two months and has only be able to return to work part time, anything more than twenty hours exhausts him too much. Prior to the vax he was a fit healthy man who worked full time.
ACC have declined his claim suggesting it's simply degenerative.
We have paid for several private specialist appointments and found everyone to be stumped as to what is wrong with him.
We have tried suppliments and alternative treatments. Spoken to nzdsos and other doctors.
We wonder now if he may have issacs syndrome which although very rare is being seen more frequently since the vax. His symptoms tick every single box!!

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