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My name is Anna Hodgkinson, I’m a solo mother of four beautiful girls who lost their dad to cancer three years ago, sadly tragedy struck my little family again 25/09/2021 when my eldest daughter Casey Hodgkinson was seriously injured by the covid vaccine! This made this mumma bear look for answers to save her as I did for my husband when he was ill.

Through sharing Casey’s story online and trying to get the help she needs I realised there was thousands and thousands of others who were desperately in need of help and answers also, as we all now know this is an ongoing battle. So I have had this website put together with all of the things I can think of to help the vax injured and also people who have lost their loved ones from these vaccines, I have a support group through messenger and a Facebook page called #silentnomore where I’ll be sharing your stories with your bank accounts attached, to get you help through the love of strangers. This can be done through an interview which can be pre-arranged.

I’m also setting up a charity to help with medical costs of the vaccine injured that are above your means, this is linked to this webpage and Facebook page and can be shared so please do, as it’s all about the love and support we can give others that will get us through!