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How Bad Is My Batch?
This site analyses, on an International level, the different batches of vaccine, and the damages they tend to cause.

Data Source

All data is sourced from VAERS, a public database of over 700,000 adverse reaction reports for Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen Covid 19 vaccines in the USA.


Our intention is to present the VAERS data in an accessible and unadulterated form, that can be easily verified using the links below




  • Mike Yeadon - Ex Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer UK
  • Alexandra Latypova - researcher - analyst - Biotech CEO
  • Craig Paardekooper - researcher - computer programmer - author - Profile
  • Jessica Rose - researcher - analyst - government consultant
  • Walter Wagner - consultant on pharma compliance and legal affairs

"First Do No Harm"