Tuesday, August 31, 2021
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we have missed placed her pass
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hi this could be all over the place so sorry for that this is hard to write as of 2019 my teenage daughter 15 at the time fit not over weight just ur normal kid happy go lucky girl loooking and trying to plan her future so got a part time job at our local movie theater then along comes this covid bullshit in to lockdown we go then came the mandates my daughter wass al go for the vaccine so went and had her first early on to keep her job and so she can be normal in life jobs going out social events then she had number 2 jab i had notice she was locking her self away in her room not wanting to go back to school and her weight was gaining s two years of the so called goverment teling her its safe nothing to worry about so she throt fast forward to august 2022 she started presenting with vomiting of and on dizzy spells at work about the 20th went to book to see our doctor got told wel have to wait for 2weeks to see him but sent her in for bllods on the 30th she had been off work for 3weeks by this stage seen a doc round 6-7th of september tay didnt know wot was going on she was stiill spewing and passing out told to monitor her fludis could be a virtigo thing take some pills fot that went home watching be sick some days some days good as by the 13 of sep she was geting more sick couldnt hold fluids in or nothing so tues 15 went bach to my docs thay did some test all mourning decide she had to go to hospital to be put on fluids we got there with all the paper work my doctor so securties person came out stoped us askd her if she been sick hot all the question thay have to ask which we said yes then he made the decinsion to makes ue wait outside for over half hr be for he gave nurse the paper work from my doctor then thay made me carry her around to the so red entrace like she covid that about 12pm got in done bloods urine and tryd for stool samples she and complained of her pain symptoms she is haveing me as a father wasnt aloud to spek for her as iive been the 1 nursing her thid whole time shes ben sick was about a month by this stage done a ct scan of her head only bu 7pm got told after test all; day the her liver was bit abnormal but noyhing to worry about but prosied to tell me that she could be doing this to her self and its a teenage thing have a talk with her tonite sent us home wit more antinausea keep fluids up so then i had to proceed back out thru the ambo doors and had to carry my gurl to the car at this stage she could stand on her own no help from hospial at all wennt home she was in more pain that nite me and my partner had a big aggument cause i was only trying to see wots going on after the doctors coments earlyer  next day after thinking back my gurl solderd up said she was feeling beter but she was saying that to makes us un worryed about her thursdaycame by afternoon she had vomited black tar stuff up sticy smelly stuff rang healfline cause after 6 got told to watch her fluids again thake her to hospital tomorrow friday comes up to hospital early went in to hdu for more fulids and test done and hdu only had 3 people in it so wasnt over ran or busy she complained of stmoch pains blacking out couldnt stand eat or drink  her own she slept in and out all day just in pain saturday came went back up she wass inheaps of pain at this stage so mega pain relife went on all day like this she then had her period so thay put the sharp stomarch and intense shoulder pains she wass screaming by this stage due to her period so montor her sat nite she just slpet so thay left her alone sunday didnt get muck out of her sleeping all the time thay had noticed dips in her bloodpressurs were checking on that all day my partner wass with her till 11pm sunday nite theen came to phone call 4am monday mourning taht thy are preping her to fly to wllington cause her organs had shut down dont know why or how we got there i thort wass wass gone by that stage cause she wass getting fuul support from all the machines my dhb had done nothing but her down didnt do there jobs no mri scan by this stage so my partner and daughter were lifeflghted to wgtn i went after on ferry 5hrs l8r when she reach wgtn icu that wernt told anything from wairau hospital bout anthing going on with her bout a hr after doctors did some tetst and a mri rushed in surgery for a ruture bowl stomach contents right thru her so thats wot thay found then but sugery that then told us that her liver kiddnyes and heart were all surpoted by machines very sick gurl touch and go next day no change for the good then got told to be prepred to loose her not good so thats was it from that stage wednesday stable little improvement then thursday went over to her as i have been this every mourning she had turned over niter and her heart and other organs coulnt handle the drugs shes was on so we well we didnt make the decission to turn of her support thats was the most hardest thing every to go thru nitemairs still so by  2pm on 22/9/22 my baby gurl heart stoped beating in my hand the last breath and beat will haunt me forever as parents we shouldnt of had to put our daughter for final jorney wgtn hospital wree g8 beyond words thay even told us to get investcation going thru  inquest well dealing with her passing thay are ring u asking questions like did she abuse alcohol/drugs she didnt leave the house to and she was free to try things free sprited house then asked if she was abussing panadol for pain relife wich we said no we only buy ibrofin no panadol was a pause then told us that cand do it 2 wich is all shit cause i have to buy them not cheap and went dwn did she go pick mushrooms witch she didnt so on death certificate is blank waiting on answers as a unvaxed father i never stoped her from geting the jab ive had to walk away from my job as of 15\12\21 after 13yrs of service so me personly ive been agaist this poison from the start i belive that my gurl died from vaxcine poison forced on our people the all our goverment national labour geens inclued thay all koown the truth cant go place all the blame on jacida thay all poisoed our country

we should not be burying our chilldren new zealand wake up people