This is my story: 

I work for the bank and they brought in a 6 month policy for the mandates. They opted in to do this.

I never wanted the vaccine but felt I had no choice as I was told my position may not still be here if I worked from home so felt pressured into getting it.

Had the first Pfizer vaccine on 16th December.

Since having it within minutes I felt really strange, light headed, weird pins and needles down my neck and arms.

I've had heart palpitations, stabbing pains in my chest. Feeling really spaced out and off. Extreme fatigue like the smallest of tasks that I used to do around home and now a big thing.

I've been experiencing anxiety and almost panicky when my symptoms come on.

I'm a mother of two so this has hugely impacted on my day-to-day life.

I've had two ambo call outs and two hospital visits with little outcome or answers to why this is happening.

I even got encouraged to have a second vaccine which I think is absolutely crazy.

No accountability is taken and the Dr's, specialists do not know what to say or dismiss it's a vaccine injury.

I have been forced to continue to work from home as I cannot enter bank sites unless I'm double jabbed. I can't get an exemption as I don't qualify.

It has been my biggest regret getting the first Pfizer vaccine. I got told it was safe, effective and I was doing the right thing.

I'm still feeling unwell from it and definitely don't agree with children having this vaccine. It is not safe, it's experimental and definitely not effective.