Te Kuiti
This is my story: 

Every time I have come into close contact with a vaccinated person or something they have touched, I have become ill once the level of spiked proteins in my body have become high enough. I enjoy radiant health when I stay home and avoid the vaxxed. Sometimes I am ok if I go to the supermarket and wash my hands after touching the groceries that I can feel the spikes on as soon as I can. But if a vaxxed person or an unvaxxed person who has had close contact with a vaxxed person gives me a hug then it can take weeks to recover. At first I sometimes have a bad headache and always extreme lethargy, dizziness and foggy thinking, then the next day, I feel very depressed and hopeless then the day after that, I feel angry and want to isolate permanently from all vaxxed people. I get unusual bleeds and once fell to the ground and was unable to get up because we had a person who was in a relationship with a recently vaxxed person living in our house. It only started when the roll out began and I keep wondering if it is over so venture out amongst people and if there is a person who has had a vax in the last six months then I become ill again. This is worse than being in lock down. I am looking forward to all vaccines which produce spiked proteins in their recipients to being removed from the earth as once they are gone, six months after that time, I will get my life back.