This is my story: 

I reluctantly got a dose of Pfizer vaccine on 30/8/2021.

The same night while I was trying to sleep my heart was beating at 112 beats per minute. It was irregular. I could hear it sloshing loudly in my chest.

Next day I had some chest pains and these pains continued for five months.

Over the next week I developed Arthritis in my fingers that was incredibly painful. Painkillers not work; also suffered insomnia, tinnitus, and a deep fatigue that lasted 7 weeks.

After the 8th week I started to feel like myself again, but I still had ongoing chest pains that my doctor dismissed and also told me I'd have to pay $400 for an ECG in their clinic.

At this stage the mandates were not in force, so I'd decided myself that I wasn't going to have the second dose, I'd tried it and it didn't work for me.

Then the mandates happened which turned my world upside down as I felt like I had no control over what happens to my body by being forced to have the second dose just to keep my job. It sent me into a real downward spiral while my workplace went through the proposal (I knew it was a done deal and that they were just going through the legal motions) then the timeline for everyone to comply and get their injections or lose your job.

Our workplace risk assessment was deemed ingenuine by our union, but they still didn't help save my and my workmates jobs.

The mandates came into force on the 2nd of December, but my workplace used me to get through their busy Christmas period, then sacked me on 10 January.

They put so much pressure on me to get the second injection that I had to wonder what was in it for them. I had many sleepless nights with worry, had to get counselling because I felt suicidal. I was withdrawn from everyone and just going through the motions. It was actually a relief to get stood down and removed from the toxic workplace full of pressure, rules, regulations and overbearing into my personal life with an injection that will affect me 24/7 and not just while I was at work.

My workplace would not support me if something went wrong and I ended up even sicker from the second injection, so I refused it and chose my health instead.

It's been a hard journey and I feel like the hurt runs very deep and that I'll never be the same person.

I'll never trust anyone again - I'm meaning the people that should have had our backs like doctors, government, employers, police, politicians.

Our rights as humans were trampled over and I'm struggling with that.

Thanks for reading my story.