This is my story: 

I had the jab on the 26 November.

I never had any intention on getting it and got stood down from my job as a nurse.

Unfortunately I received intense pressure from family and was under a lot of stress. So I caved in and got it. I saw no way out.

Initially I just had a headache and tiredness.

Then on day 3 I had a racing heart and chest pain.

The next day it continued so I asked my husband to take me to the doctor. At the doctors they sent me to the hospital after having a concerning ECG.

I was admitted overnight and was seen by a cardiologist the next morning. I had an ECHO (scan of my heart) and they said it was clear and my ECG was normal. They said I was under a lot of stress and wanted to change my blood pressure meds. I asked when the chest pain would go and they said in the next few days and they weren't worried that I could feel my heart was thumping out of my chest. Also because of my age (53) they weren't concerned about the cardiac effects of the vaccine.

So I was sent home.

I went to my GP to discuss my new medication and he said it was good I had an inflammatory response to the jab. I said I was feeling fatigued, light-headed and weakness in legs. He sent me for blood tests and that was it. All clear.

I continued to have fatigue, light-headedness, pressure headache, brain fog, weakness in legs. This came on and off and I never knew if I was going to have a good or bad day.

I also got diarrhoea and intense nausea the first week.

After three months the fatigue and light-headness finally eased. I have no more headaches and feel like I can finally function normally.

I have not had the second jab due to the symptoms and therefore cannot work as a nurse again.

I am ready to get a job now, I feel like I have the stamina to do a days work now.

I have a couple of supportive family members, the rest have no interest in my reaction to the jab, they just wanted me to have another one.

So It's been an interesting time and I'm so glad I'm finally through the worst.