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Real Stories

  • Erena Fussell

    I have had neck pain on the same side of the injection since vax #2 five months ago.

    Started in the afternoon/evening of v.

    Doctor says it is muscular, caused by the v., and requires physio.

    Recommended not having #3 after reacting to both v's.... Read more

  • Lee McMillan

    My 17 year old daughter immediately had a reaction from the 1st injection.

    We were escorted outside so that those around would not be alarmed.

    She started hyperventilating and reported a racing heart almost passing out.

    A week later the 'shaking... Read more

  • Dmitri Krasyukov

    Symptoms that still happening over 4 months now since 2nd Pfizer Jab on 26th of November 2021:

    • Headaches (back of the head mostly) or sometimes just feels like pressure or heavy feeling
    • Lightheaded/dizzy (rare now)
    • Small flashes of light in the... Read more


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