• Sarah Valintine

    I suffer from Chronic fatigue syndrome which is an immune system disorder. 

    I wasn't feeling well at the time of vaccination and felt uneasy about getting it but had no choice to wait due to a mandate for my job.

    After my first dose I remained in my bed in a dark room for the best part of 3 months. 

    I'm still recovering even now after 6 months. 

    At the time I suffered from brain fog so acute I felt like I was looking through hundreds of layers of glass blocking me from the outside world and I was trapped in a body that was frozen in shock and pain. 

    I couldn't stand even moderate sounds, stinging sensations pulsated through my nerves and I'd spend nights in fear that I wouldn't be able to hold on, calling my dad in the middle of the night to pray for me to make it till morning. 

    My joints and muscles ached with pain and consumed my every moment.  If I tried to talk from a standing position I'd prepare myself to fall by making sure a seat was right behind me. Often when I would rise from the toilet I'd feel the same overwhelming sensation of falling.  I had started walking every day prior to vaccination but afterwards, even the stairs to my room were too much. 

    My chest was heavy with stabbing sensations and it hurt to breathe. The pain in my chest was so acute I was sure I was having a heart attack and was rushed to hospital one evening by ambulance. 

    It's been 6 months, I've started to go walking again. 

    I've spent nearly 20 years building respect in a career I love. The job as it was has gone, my career in tatters along with my reputation.  

    My doctor applied for exemption after direction from scientist Professor Warren Tate - a specialist in cases like mine, and someone who has been advocating for sufferers of CFS. His recommendations for exemption have been ignored.  

    The physical pain and physiological torment from the denial of any responsibility by the MOH and government has greatly wounded me in ways that I'll never forget. 

    Not knowing how I would provide for myself while laying in my dark room was constantly on my mind. 

    I know many have suffered greatly and some more than me. It would be healing to have some validation for our suffering. It feels like we are the forgotten, rejected and cast aside for the sake of a Government determined to keep their pristine Covid image. 

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  • Tania Martin

    My husband is the one who is vaccine injured.

    He has had an interview with Liz Gunn, his name is Robert Martin.

    Arohamai. His interview is on the Free NZ Facebook page.

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  • Marsha Henderson
    Taumarunui, Central North Island


    I had the 2nd vaccine on 18.02.22.

    I became very unwell after this (was fit and healthy beforehand) and developed Pericarditis.

    I have been unwell now for almost 5 weeks.

    I am completely unable to work.

    I feel alone and unsupported by the health system.

    My GP has been supportive but is not seeing patients face to face due to pandemic. He sent me to the emergency department of our rural hospital. The doctor there recognised that there was a serious problem with my heart, he did 2 ECGs, heart x-ray, organ ultrasound, bloods etc.

    He recommended that I needed to go to a larger hospital and have a more extensive heart ultrasound. He referred me to Waikato hospital for a heart scan; tried to ring them to get appointment (but no one answered) and told me they are very busy at Waikato. He put urgent on my referral form and told me to ring them Monday morning (it was Friday afternoon). He said it was important my heart was scanned within a week preferably to see what medication I may need. If I couldn't get appointment within a week, he said I should look to go private.

    I rang Monday morning and afternoon and Tuesday and Friday. Each time they said no paperwork has come (referral) from Taumarunui (our small town) and they can't find me in the hospital computer system. They said they were unable to give me an appointment without a referral (the ED doctor had forgotten to do my paperwork).

    I then had to book a private heart ultrasound and cardiologist appointment. I continued to follow up the lack of paperwork (no discharge summary) from my local hospital. I was told the doctor I saw was not there and it was only him who could complete my discharge summary and referral (he was an out of town doctor).

    The private cardiologist I saw confirmed I had Pericarditis. He explained he had applied for another patient with same diagnosis to get vaccine exemption for booster but had been declined each time and was only able to get temporary 6 month exemption, so he concluded that there was no point trying for vaccine exemption.

    ACC state that my claim is on hold, awaiting further assessment. It was lodged 20 days ago - I received an emailed today stating that they hope to make a decision on my claim with 4 months.

    If it wasn't for the support of my family and partner, I would be a mental wreck.

    The health system has completely failed me.

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