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Real Stories

  • Abbey Walker

    I work for the bank and they brought in a 6 month policy for the mandates. They opted in to do this.

    I never wanted the vaccine but felt I had no choice as I was told my position may not still be here if I worked from home so felt pressured into getting it.

    Had... Read more

  • Kirstie

    I reluctantly got a dose of Pfizer vaccine on 30/8/2021.

    The same night while I was trying to sleep my heart was beating at 112 beats per minute. It was irregular. I could hear it sloshing loudly in my chest.

    Next day I had some chest pains and these pains... Read more

  • Paula Forlong

    I had the jab on the 26 November.

    I never had any intention on getting it and got stood down from my job as a nurse.

    Unfortunately I received intense pressure from family and was under a lot of stress. So I caved in and got it. I saw no way out.

    ... Read more


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