• Paula Beulink

    My 14yr old daughter has vx induced pericarditis.  Here are links to what I shared on my FB page which has the details. Thank you.

    Our daughter Ashley has been quite unwell since having her second vx. She has been suffering fatigue, body aches and most concerning chest pain. We are still trying to get answers as to what is causing the chest pain, which has caused her to be absent from school since, but even our GP can’t confirm what the cause of the pain is and whether it is pericarditis or not, because as he said, it is so new and there isn’t much data out there yet. However, he has reported it as being a side affect of the vx. Ashley was not happy missing out on participating in sports or joining her friends going out over the holidays so decided she would like to get the vx and hoped she would be ok. We respected her choice. She is now regretting it 😢

    Many of you are aware that I have been vx hesitant right from the start mainly due to the research I had done on side-effects etc and wanted myself and our two children to wait for an alternative. I had made my decision based on a lot of research from medical professionals, and also read up on people’s experiences from the side-effects. I did not like what I was seeing in regards to heart and neurological effects, and also for me 2 confirmed deaths from myocarditis was an alarm bell. This lead me to conclude that for me and our 2 children, the risk from the vx outweighed the risk from C19 especially for our children, considering many scientific experts had stated that covid was less serious in young people especially under the age of 18. That doesn’t mean I am not nervous about any of my family catching C19. I understand that for other families it would be the opposite, where the risk of C19 outweighed the risk of the vx especially if you have a history of respiratory distress from sickness, severe asthma or weakened immune systems. These individuals would probably choose to have the vx, I respect that. I prefer to trust my immune system and go with my gut instincts in regards to our 2 children.

    I strongly believe that we all should have this CHOICE for our families and that people should not be losing their jobs or being excluded from society based on this decision. Please I just urge everyone to have EMPATHY and try to understand and respect other people’s decisions and why they might have made that decision. Do not punish, exclude, be nasty to, or hate them for it.

    Thank you for reading if you got this far. Take care, Paula ❤️

    If anyone has any advice on where to go to from here or direct me to where to go to get answers, I’m open to hearing from you.


    ** Update on Ashley **

    Ashley had an echocardiogram performed at the Southern Heart Centre on Wednesday and the cardiologist confirmed on Thursday that she does indeed have Pericarditis as we suspected, despite her other tests being pretty normal. This is a known side effect of the Pfizer Vx and we were very fortunate to get a diagnosis of Pericarditis pretty quickly as we had medical insurance. I know many have not been that fortunate and may not have gotten a definitive diagnosis for their chest pains experienced after the vx. Thankfully we have also had a very supportive GP all through this who helped us by referring her to the specialist, reporting all her symptoms as adverse reactions to the vx and submitting an ACC Treatment Injury Claim.

    As you can imagine I am not happy this has happened to Ashley, as many of you are aware I was not comfortable with this vx due to the huge list of severe side effects that I was aware of, especially ones related to the heart and nervous system. We are being told by the Ministry of Health that Pericarditis is a RARE side effect, however I question this, especially now that it has happened to Ashley.

    PLEASE I urge anyone who has or knows of anyone who has suffered chest pain or any other severe side effect after having this vx, to make sure you report it to CARM here https://report.vaccine.covid19.govt.nz/s/

    Also if you know of anyone who has died within a close time frame after having this vx from a heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism etc, ask the questions and push for answers and don’t stop till you have them and report it to CARM. These all need to be investigated.