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NZ Vaccine Injury Group

27-8-23: We've just released the above pamphlet!


Real Stories

  • Aaron Kamira

    hi this could be all over the place so sorry for that this is hard to write as of 2019 my teenage daughter 15 at the time fit not over weight just ur normal kid happy go lucky girl loooking and trying to plan her future so got a part time job at our local movie theater then... Read more

  • Cathy Coleman

    Every time I have come into close contact with a vaccinated person or something they have touched, I have become ill once the level of spiked proteins in my body have become high enough. I enjoy radiant health when I stay home and avoid the vaxxed. Sometimes I am ok if I go... Read more

  • Michele Surcouf

    I am a fit and active, single 67 year old woman who, having traveled extensively, has had many different vaccines in the past without incident. I exercise regularly (swim, gym, walk), eat healthily, and I’m of optimal weight for my age.

    My health prior to vaccine was... Read more


My name is Anna Hodgkinson, I’m a solo mother of four beautiful girls who lost their dad to cancer three years ago,...


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