• Tara Burns

    Both my daughter and I had our first Pfizer vaccination together on 13th December 2021.

    We have both had extreme side effects. My daughter, being suicidal for a couple of days at the peak' and I had something similar to a near death experience and an ambulance call out, which three ambulance officers said that I was describing a heart attack.

    We have had ongoing side effects which have lessened but still exist and affect our day to day. These are listed in what we have filed as CARM reports.

    Walking 20 metres from a bed to a bathroom was exhausting.

    Our heart palpitations, chest pains, brain fog to name a few were nothing like I have EVER experienced in this life time.

    Three months later, we continue to suffer side effects. Although diminished they exist on a daily basis and limits our lives to function fully and without pain.

    We have had many GP visits and also consultations with NZDSOS and bought many high quality supplements. We both have had blood tests, ECGs, chest x-rays and are both awaiting specialist appointments at the hospital.

    It has been a costly experience.

    The GPs initially fobbed us off, saying I could have thyroid issues and my daughter asthma.

    The regular GP has only been able to offer beta blockers for myself and counselling for my daughter. We have turned down both.

    It has been a long journey in the regular GP questioning what the exemption form was when I first took it in, said that they couldn't do it...there were continuous excuses and denial linking it to the vaccine.

    Prior to the vaccine, my daughter and I were both very fit and healthy with high levels of exercise and good vegetarian diets. Ironically, we both have been extremely ill with very similar side effects, on the same day immediately after the vaccine.

    It has been near impossible for the regular GP to link our radical decline in health to the vaccine.

    On our last visit, they finally filed exemptions reluctantly but said it was a problem with the Government and that they would be declined anyway. We have not had an outcome and it has been over three weeks. We are still waiting.

    (The nurses at the GPs have been lovely and understanding but also afraid to speak out from my understanding).

    Meanwhile, I have been mandated out of my teaching job and hence lost a pre-approved mortgage so out of a house and living with family.

    It is still ongoing, the GP acknowledging that I could not get a second vaccination and booster but still unable to work due to the mandates and ill health.

    It has been huge with loss of significant money, housing, job experience which is also affecting my teacher registration and so on. My daughter is unable to attend some school activities and had to change her subjects because of it, and has been discriminated against by students and staff.

    We live with daily pain and concern with the ongoing damage to our bodies.

    In our experience, certainly not a safe and effective vaccine and to be coerced into it, knowing intuitively that it was wrong but at desperation point, having to have the vaccine is very difficult to live with.

    The substantial loss of income, quality of life and ongoing costs and ill health is phenomenal and soul destroying that presently others are refusing to acknowledge that vaccine injuries actually exist in the first place.

    Thank you for caring.

  • Jane Kitto

    First vax - instant anaphylaxis. Shot with adrenaline by vaccinator. Down played by Ed staff and gp. Told safe to get another.

    Got second as mandated at work. Felt instantly sick, sweaty, throat closing. Worked through this, left two days later.

    ACC phoned & asked me what happened. They accepted my claim.

    Told to get a booster by GP and Covid workers calling and texting me.

    I'm done, no more!

    Btw I have known allergies to medicines I wear a medic alert for severe anaphylaxis to injections, yet they made me do this

  • Gareth

    Suffered side effects from the first jab but can not get an exemption and might lose my job.

  • Pierre Vorster

    Had to get vax.

    After first vax: heart palpitations, out of breath, sharp shooting chest pains sometimes, night sweats, fatigue.

    After 2nd vax, same symptoms, but even worse.

  • Lee Deverell

    I took the Pfizer vaccine back in October 2021 to protect my parents.

    I had reactions - heavy and regular menstrual periods, awful rash on my back that lasted 7 weeks and suffer ongoing headaches.

    My job was on the line and even though I'm low risk as work outside as a gardener, had to have my second shot due to mandate work site.

    Due to my reaction my doctor gave me a note saying I had reactions and didn't want 2nd shot.

    This was shown to the workplace. It wasn't accepted. I tried twice with my practice to get a medical certificate however was refused because symptoms weren't severe enough.

    My doctor prescribed AstraZeneca and due to my threat of loss of employment decided to take it, despite pleading with the male nurse not to put shot in my arm. He said he had no choice (no compassion at all!!).

    I submitted to the shot.

    2.30am the next morning my arm woke me throbbing, I was shaking and sweating, and I was cold. Took Panadol and went back to sleep to awake 3 hours later with similar symptoms. This carried on throughout the day (off work) and ended up ringing Healthline. They informed me to get to A&E within 2 hours.

    I live by myself and have a dog so stayed put. Healthline did advise me to ring an ambulance.

    Because I had survived seizures before I stayed put working through the symptoms.

    Work got the passport they required despite my health suffering.