• Michael Boardman

    Within 10 days of getting the second jab, I started to become short of breath.

    Had several visits to the Doctor. Each time I was prescribed antibiotics.

    After a month of not getting anywhere, a friend (orthopedic surgeon) got me to have a set of bloods and an MRI.

    Turns out I had a non-specific interstitial Pneumonia. I've been on a course of steroids since then, slowly being weaned off.

    All agree it was a reaction to the vaccine but would not go into print.

  • Sandra Foote

    I filled out my story about my good friend on the Counterspin media petition.


  • Andre Bothma
    Cockle Bay; Auckland

    About 2 days after my 2nd vaccination in May 2021, I started experiencing the most severe headaches.

    The severity of the headaches are 9 to 10/10. I would wake up with a headache, have a constant headache throughout the day (in spite of taking pain relief on a regular basis to manage the pain), go to bed with a headache and wake up in the middle of the night with a headache.

    The headaches appeared / felt like cluster headaches, as one started subsiding the next one started.

    I had an appointment with my GP and she sent me for an MRI of brain, the outcome was inconclusive.

    My BP was up and down and I ended up in Middlemore Hospital with a BP of 196/105. I was examined, sent for an MRI (non contrast), stayed overnight for observation. My BP was treated and my daily BP meds adjusted and I was discharged and still nowhere near an answer to my headaches.

    I reported my case on CARM NZ - I have not yet received a response from them to date. Reference number available upon request.

    I came to hear about NZ Doctors SOS (NZDSOS). My first appointment was in December 2021.

    With COVID and Company closures over the Christmas holidays (2021), I could not get my prescribed meds, especially the Ivermectin. I received alternative supplements from my herbalist, Black Cumin seed oil (Nigella) and NAC amongst others. I was diagnosed with Micro Blood clotting and Neuropathy.

    One of the other side effects of the vaccination injury I suffer from, is severe fatigue.

    I was due for another course of Ivermectin starting 28 February 2022. My prescription was deferred to 14 or 21 March 2022.

    While following up, I was informed that the compound used to manufacture the Ivermectin was seized by MedSafe and banned from entry by our Socialist Government, who want us to to remain dependant on them, WHY? Government Monopoly???

    With the use of the alternate products and the one course of Ivermectin, my condition has vastly improved thanks to NZDSOS.

    The mainstream medical teams follow what this government prescribe, their hands are tied and I understand this.

    I sincerely hope that this SilentNoMore movement is not just a passing phase or a information gathering for the current government.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Andre Bothma

  • Hayley Richards

    I am writing for my father, who almost died after his second dose.

    He had flu-like symptoms and lethargy after his first dose that didn't subside which he only spoke about to me later.

    After his second, he had a rash down both of his legs which doctors couldn't diagnose.

    Then he started noticing a lot of blood in the toilet.

    Then a few days later, simple things like walking the dog or mowing the lawn made him collapse.

    He finally rang a doctor, went in for his appointment and they immediately rang the ambulance. His heart rate was 300 BPM. They gave him the short, then long pill, then used the paddles to reduce his heart rate. It reduced to 160 BPM on resting.

    They sent him home with only an ECG and booked him later for an ultrasound, x-ray etc and some heart pills!

    He is young, fit and healthy, a builder and very active. He has never had any issues with his health, or heart, until the vaccine.

    I put him on the FLCCC protocol, and within a week he was feeling better.

    He has since had his booster out of fear of losing his job, even though it almost cost him his life.

    He wouldn't 'make a fuss' coming forward, especially when the doctors don't mention or even think it could be a vaccine injury if it's not immediately after administering, but would speak out if asked.

    I have friends whose fathers have had strokes after the vaccine, whose aunties have had brain aneurysms, friends that had seizures, business partner with Myocarditis. Honestly, I know SO many who have been injured. How it is possible this experiment continues?

    Thank you for all you're doing.

  • Jenny Cannon


    I have a history of autoimmune conditions - Glandular fever, Rickettsia and Lyme disease.

    I have spent a lot pre-vaccine on getting to the point to maximise my health where I can function and hold down a job as a single income earner. This is a challenge when you have chronic fatigue / fibromylagia as a result of chronic infections over years.

    Having to be upfront about all this at work whilst advocating exemptions has been stressful and worsened my health.

    I had a bad reaction to the first Pfizer vaccine - within 24 hours my manager took me to A and E.

    My left hand was shaking, I was confused, found it hard to talk on the Covid Help Line, and my speech slightly slurred. I had burning and tingling under my feet, in my fingers, mouth and tongue, and pain in my joints and glands. The doctor at A and E did some blood tests and told me it was my anxiety and joking told me to go home and have a glass of wine.

    I had some time off work, the symptoms didn't subside.

    My GP said they hit a nerve in my arm, and again, anxiety.

    I was very grateful to have the help of another GP I went to who gave me my first exemption. I called her and had a phone consult (she has since not been allowed to practice). I also had a phone consult with one of your doctors.

    The more extreme burning in my feet, ringing in my ears etc subsided gradually after a couple of months, and I didn't have the same reaction to the Astra Zeneca. (My second exemption which my GP submitted was declined).

    I thought I was on the mend but the pain in the glands, joints, and all the other symptoms have flared up.

    A week ago I was walking on the beach and got chronic pain in my chest which went up my neck to my jaw. It didn't subside, I managed to walk to the car and to A and E. They did and ECG, chest X-ray and blood tests and ruled out clots / stroke but advised gallbladder / ulcer and told me to follow up with my GP.

    I have been feeling terrible the last two weeks or so and being testing negative for Covid.

    Today I saw a practitioner privately and was retested and am Covid positive.

    I would like my story to be part of a collection, unfortunately I can't publish it as it would be seen as a conflict of interest in my work and I do appreciate my job and my work means a lot to me and I am a sole income earner. However I feel I have the right to have a voice about my personal health, and would like to also try help others.

    Thank you.