• Sarah Mason


    I got my first (and only) dose of the Pfizer vaccine on the morning of Sept 1st 2021.

    About three hours later I felt nauseous and very lethargic.

    When I woke the next morning I felt absolutely horrible and I couldn't understand why I couldn't stand up without feeling like I was going to pass out.

    Each day got worse and by the fifth week I had had 26 dismissed doctors consultations and 3 hospital visits.

    I had tachycardia, heart palpitations, chest pains, nausea (I could barely eat), pressure feelings in my head and would wake up every morning feeling paralysed like my arms and legs were full concrete and it took all my energy to move them.

    I also experienced electric shock type feelings which radiated through my chest. I have never experienced anything like this and didn't even know how to explain it to the doctors.

    By this time I could barely walk.

    The hospital finally took me seriously and I was admitted for two weeks where I was diagnosed with POTS from the vaccine (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). My resting heart rate was between 120-140 and when I stood up it would spike to 170 bpm. I was given heart medication to slow my heart rate down which I am still on, but apart from that was given no treatment or help.

    I discharged myself after two weeks as there was nothing more they could do for me.

    During my time at the hospital I was given a chest x-ray, a CT scan and an Echocardiogram. Nothing was found apart from the abnormal tachycardia and no explanation was given for any of my other symptoms.

    Before being admitted to hospital I had countless doctors tell me I wasn't sick I was anxious or that I had a viral infection that coincidentally started the same day I got the vax and that this wasn't caused by the vaccine. I was also asked a number of times if I took drugs (which I don't).

    I had been getting wheeled to the bathroom as I could not walk without my heart rate spiking and feeling like I was going to pass out. My whole body trembled and I was too weak to even rip the toilet paper off myself when going to the toilet. I needed full time care for months.

    It has been nearly 7 months since and I have made small improvements but I still can't perform every day tasks like I use to. I still suffer POTS symptoms, concussion like symptoms and nausea. I lost 6 kgs in the first two months and I have been in a wheelchair since October but can now walk around the house without my wheelchair. I can not go out without the wheelchair as I can only walk short distances.

    I was perfectly healthy before having this vaccine. I owned and operated a beauty salon where I was on my feet most of the day. I had to sell my business due to being unable to work and even if I could work the vaccine mandates wouldn't of allowed me to.

    This vaccine has completely ruined my life and it has had a huge impact on my family. Especially my daughter.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

  • Marsha Henderson
    Taumarunui, Central North Island


    I had the 2nd vaccine on 18.02.22.

    I became very unwell after this (was fit and healthy beforehand) and developed Pericarditis.

    I have been unwell now for almost 5 weeks.

    I am completely unable to work.

    I feel alone and unsupported by the health system.

    My GP has been supportive but is not seeing patients face to face due to pandemic. He sent me to the emergency department of our rural hospital. The doctor there recognised that there was a serious problem with my heart, he did 2 ECGs, heart x-ray, organ ultrasound, bloods etc.

    He recommended that I needed to go to a larger hospital and have a more extensive heart ultrasound. He referred me to Waikato hospital for a heart scan; tried to ring them to get appointment (but no one answered) and told me they are very busy at Waikato. He put urgent on my referral form and told me to ring them Monday morning (it was Friday afternoon). He said it was important my heart was scanned within a week preferably to see what medication I may need. If I couldn't get appointment within a week, he said I should look to go private.

    I rang Monday morning and afternoon and Tuesday and Friday. Each time they said no paperwork has come (referral) from Taumarunui (our small town) and they can't find me in the hospital computer system. They said they were unable to give me an appointment without a referral (the ED doctor had forgotten to do my paperwork).

    I then had to book a private heart ultrasound and cardiologist appointment. I continued to follow up the lack of paperwork (no discharge summary) from my local hospital. I was told the doctor I saw was not there and it was only him who could complete my discharge summary and referral (he was an out of town doctor).

    The private cardiologist I saw confirmed I had Pericarditis. He explained he had applied for another patient with same diagnosis to get vaccine exemption for booster but had been declined each time and was only able to get temporary 6 month exemption, so he concluded that there was no point trying for vaccine exemption.

    ACC state that my claim is on hold, awaiting further assessment. It was lodged 20 days ago - I received an emailed today stating that they hope to make a decision on my claim with 4 months.

    If it wasn't for the support of my family and partner, I would be a mental wreck.

    The health system has completely failed me.

  • Tania Martin

    My husband is the one who is vaccine injured.

    He has had an interview with Liz Gunn, his name is Robert Martin.

    Arohamai. His interview is on the Free NZ Facebook page.

  • Chloe-Mary Thompson
    New Plymouth

    That's so terrible.

    I wasn't going to get it but my partner got it and we couldn't visit his gran in a rest home so I felt like I need it .

    So I got my first jab. I started heavy bleeding the day I got it and that continued for 12 days. I haven't had a period in 5 years I have an IUD so if I have a period it's very light spotting last for 3 days max!

    Anyways I have severe tummy pains, headaches, nausea, fatigue, irritable bowel and extremely tired.

    I have to nap at least once a day after sleeping for 9+ hours; and I got so bad I was bleeding through tampons, liners, underwear, pants everything to the point I had to change everything 5 times in 2 hours so I decided to tell my mum I got it.

    She took me to Health 2000. They gave me some v21 which stopped my bleeding by the next morning and some detox pills to flush my system.

    Then I called my doctor and told them my symptoms and when I got the vax and straight away without even having a proper conversation with me they told me straight away it's not the vax and so mum told me to contact NZDSOS (which are doctors who have stepped down from there jobs due to the mandates) and they told me they have had a lot of girls with the exact same reaction as me; and they also told me that any public doctors has been told by Jacinda they CAN'T prescribe Ivermectin to anyone. NZDSOS is fortunately able to prescribe Ivermectin to those in need. Which is horrible.

    I saw a homeopathic doctor today and he had a 2 hour appointment with me and felt my stomach and said I need to get my IUD out immediately because my body is rejecting everything and on top of that I now have badly inflamed ovaries and Fallopian tubes.

    I'm a 21 year old female with NO previous issues what so ever apart from hay fever and dermatitis.

    If I can't down the inflammation and repair the damage I may not be able to carry children?

    After getting my IUD out I got told that I would be in pain for a couple minutes which I then laid on the bed for about 15 mins with my legs shaking and I barely had any voice left because I was in so much pain the doctor then told me to get up it's not that bad. I was treated horribly saying I have STDs and that's why I'm in so much pain. I allowed the doctor to do a smear and STD test and everything came but clear. She then continued to admit that I am really swollen in my ovaries and Fallopian tubes and pretty much told me to not get pregnant until I have my first period and then leave after that.

    I got no advice on what to do going forward I got no pain relief or after care NOTHING. Not even an apology.

  • Craig Trebilco

    My son had the vaccine and after his second shot was complaining about a sore chest.

    Ended up taking him to doctors. Doctor freaks out at how fast his heart was beating.

    Straight to hospital for the night. Took bloods. Done all their tests etc, for them to say it's nothing / can't find any reason why his heart was beating so fast.

    I know it was something to do with vaccine.

    Not sure if he will have problems later from this.

    I'm disappointed we rushed to get vaccine with so little tests and information about it .