• Sara Nolan

    Adverse reaction

    It all started after my second vaccine in November!!!

    It's started with extremely bad upper abdomen pain, many doctors and hospital visits with no clear answers as to what was going on!!!

    The chronic fatigue the burning feeling from the inside the pain in my head and all over my body!!!

    I regularly get blue lips and fingers.

    I have not been able to work and spend 95% of my days in bed.

    I have 2 children that are missing out on there Mum as I am to sick to do anything can hardly walk to the letter box, need help with showering and everyday things.

    My blood work has recently come back showing I have a possibly autoimmune disorder and am waiting to see a Rheumatologist and because of the health system at the moment I could be waiting 6 months.

    My whole life has been impacted and the money spent on doctors and medication is huge and will be ongoing!!!

    I honestly just thought I was doing the right thing by everyone and I could still work so I could provide for my children but since having the vaccine reaction I have not worked a day!!!

    It's so hard to be taken seriously when I say I feel it's from the vaccine. I feel poisoned and my body is fighting itself and making me so unwell I just want help and it to be acknowledged!!!

  • Kate Hey
    Upper Hutt, Wellington

    This is what I posted to Facebook- my story.

    Probably not what you're after but hope it helps

    Status update: Job termination but standing tall (as I can!). Read to the end xx

    Today is my last day in the education system as I know it, after 28 years of service.

    Serious adverse reaction:

    Thanks to friends & family who helped me through the serious adverse VAX reaction. The illness it caused was horrific & the trip in the ambulance to A and E - frightening. The Dr's visits & ECG's were so much better because you were there. Your nursing, care, concern & prayers helped heal me. Thank you.


    Thanks to friends & family who felt my pain when the mandates came. You filled my cupboards with food & love, hid cash and vouchers around my house - your generosity humbled me. Thank you.

    Wisdom and Service:

    Thanks to those who dropped meals off, cleaned & gardened for me. Gave wise counsel on those mammoth life changing decisions I was too scared to make on my own. Your wisdom & service overwhelmed me. Thank you.

    Segregated from Society:

    Thank you to those who held me tight when I felt so segregated from society, who did not step away from my 1/2 vaxed body, who brought your children to my home. Your belief in me gave me hope. Thank you.

    Medical Exemption:

    Dr Bloomfield gave me an exemption but it only lasted 3 months. And though I got Covid like they predicted, it didn't kill me like they thought it would. Or even hospitalise me like the Vax did. Thank you to those, who throughout my isolation fed and cared for me, brought medicine and healing. Your love knows no limits. Thank you.

    Thanks to all my friends and family who stood by me when my world crumbled around me. It's because of you all I can face my uncertain future with hope and now - not alone.

    Keep shining your light. You are indeed bright stars in the darkest of nights.

    Let us not allow the mandates to kill our spirits but rather to brighten our light to shine for all humanity.

    And while your light is shining so brightly let us all send love, light and goodwill to the war torn countries - may the children be always protected xxx

    Kate xx

  • Charlotte

    Hi, understanding the mindset of most, I will be extremely surprised if I get a good response from my email to you. Here's hoping.

    Firstly, thank you for what you are doing. You are a part of the same network as I, who have been trying to alert people to what was coming, what is still coming, what we can do and of course collecting retelling and attempts to get closure for people whether it be vindication, justice, compensation or a myriad of things.

    My issue is this. I care for those who got injured. I am helping many of them. I have a problem with your title. It seems all inclusive. It isn't.

    Many of us have stories. Stories that no one cares about. Stories where those that refused to listen or acknowledge life saving information we were trying to share got harmed and their complicity ensured that many of us suffered.

    Right now our precious son who just turned 10 years old and I are fighting for our own lives, not treated even after my head was accidentally run over, because of this Covid fiasco and because of all the bio-weapon injured people. Where are the people to tell our stories. The forgotten ones. The suicides. We all deserve to have our voices amplified and our stories told.

    Sorry I am too tired and I have encephalitis and my head hurts so I may write again. In the meantime thank you for listening.

    Kindest regards


  • Dr Georgia

    Thank you so very, very much for doing this!

  • Simon Cunliffe

    Still have a sore arm, three months after the second jab (forced to have for work) and also recently had sore kidneys.

    Not sure if associated, but that is a side affect noted by Pfizer.