• Lisa Lochhead

    After receiving my first and only Covid 19 vaccination in November, I have not felt that well.

    I started off with heart palpitations about a week after the vaccination - not constant but every day or so.

    I normally run at least 3 times a week but I haven't felt right to do that.

    When I would lay down at night I would feel short of breath and have a random cough. This carried on through December into mid January.

    By about the 23rd January I was starting to feel quite unwell for extended periods during the day, light headed and exhausted. It was then that I noticed that when I was feeling unwell my heart rate was falling down into the low 50s. I wear a fitbit. When I am fit, my resting heart rate is 64.

    After a few days of this I ended up getting checked by a nurse. They did bloods and a ECG, but nothing showed up and of course my heart rate was fine while I was there. Have since been referred to a cardiologist who wanted a Echocardiogram before I saw them. There is currently a 9 month wait for an Echocardiogram through Wanganui public health system. So I have had to pay to go private.

    I have had an Echocardiogram which showed everything structurally is fine with my heart.

    I am now waiting to get a Holter monitor.

    Probably 5 days out of 7 I can barely do anything due to my body being exhausted because my heart rate is constantly down in the 50's, I feel light headed and its hard to concentrate or do anything, bar the essentials. I also get chest pain now with it as well that can last for a few hours.

    Before having the Covid 19 vaccination, I was fit and healthy with no heart issues.

  • Kathryn Wratt
    Patea, South Taranaki

    After the 2nd vaccine my injected arm became swollen, red & very itchy.

    It looked like cellulitis & required the nurses at the local medical centre to view daily.

    It lasted for 2 weeks post vaccination.

    I will not be getting the boosters & feel I was bullied into getting the vaccinations as I was receiving cancer therapy which caused me to end up in hospital every 2nd week post chemotherapy; & was informed that I should be vaccinated as hospitals might not treat me if I got unwell!!

  • Melissa Nadin
    Kumeu, Auckland

    Supremely fit 45yr old veterinary nurse horse-rider.

    First Pfizer vax: 2 days later heavy arms/legs; 9 days complete heart failure status; 1 ambulance to hospital.

    Critical Cardio care for 9 days heart function 29%.

    Lost my job as practice manager.

    6 mths on my heart has repaired to 65% function.

    Applied for exemption declined yet fit the criteria.

    Went for 2nd vax as totally over being excluded from society can't even get haircut . Was asked at vax centre re reaction to 1st vax; said 'yes, heart failure'. They said 'no can't vax, have to go to hosp & be monitored has to be done by drs'!!

    Only single vax so very glad the mandates are being dropped but makes my permanent heart failure completely unnecessary.

    No help from ACC, or anywhere medical. All specialist treatment privately costs a fortune.

  • Sue McIntyre

    I developed Bells Palsy a week after the first vaccination.

    I was taken to hospital, as doctors thought I was having a stroke.

    The Bells Palsy was reported to CARM, by the supervising doctor at North Shore Hospital.

    I applied for an exemption and it was declined.

    I went on to have the second dose - I had to take three days off work, due to extreme 'flu like' symptoms.

    My ACC claim was accepted as a Vaccine Injury and my Immunologist bills were paid.

  • Kazumi Amano
    Northcote, Auckland

    Until September 2021, I was a very fit and healthy woman.  

    I'm a dancer and attend ballet and jazz lessons 3 times a week. 

    I also go to the gym most days to do Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. 

    I have a very healthy diet (mainly Japanese food). 

    I don't smoke and only drink wine moderately.  

    However, this changed completely after my vaccinations.

    To summarize, the vaccinations left me almost completely incapacitated for a period of 3 months, completely dependent on my husband to look after me.  I couldn't cook or do any household chores due to my dizziness and fatigue.  

    In addition, I suffered stabbing chest pains, brain fog and severe breathing difficulties that required two trips to the North Shore Hospital ED.

    Six months since vaccinations, I'm considerably better but still suffer from dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue and anxiety attacks.

    I'm also extremely angry that I had to suffer from these symptoms and that there seemed to be no Public Health response to help me. We had to fend for ourselves.

    Here is my story and a timeline of what transpired after the vaccinations.

    14 September 2021: First jab

    For the first two weeks after I had my first vaccination, I didn't have severe side effects except a sore arm and lethargic feelings.

    01 October 2021:

    I felt a constricted chest pain and soon started having difficulty breathing.  I felt faint and lost consciousness as I couldn't breathe. Luckily my husband was around at that time, but even with his help I could hardly stand up because I was feeling so dizzy. I also started what I thought were panic attacks, heart palpitations and became very anxious.

    07 October 2021:

    I went to see my GP, but he said that nothing was wrong and that it was not related to the first vaccine. Though I suspected it might have been vaccine related, believing my long time GP's opinion, I had the second vaccine.

    14 of October 2021 - Second jab

    Three hours after the second vaccine, I started to experience 'waves' of symptoms.

    First palpitations would start and then dizziness came. Then with my eyes closed, everything looked white or shining.  Then I would lose consciousness for a few seconds and suddenly feel very cold and start shivering. I often cried or screamed uncontrollably.  Thirty minutes later, the waves would start to pass and the symptoms would lessen and I would have about three hours of 'okayness' before the next wave started.

    15 of October 2021:

    From the day after the second jab, every single day I had rashes on different parts of my body (arms, thighs, neck, etc) and severe, stabbing chest pain started to accompany the palpitations.  Every time my chest pain started, I experienced severe anxiety problems and started to scream like a mad person.

    31 of October 2021:

    My breathing was so restricted that my husband rushed me to the North Shore Hospital. However, the doctors at the North Shore Hospital didn't know what was wrong with me but made it clear that they didn't think I was suffering from a vaccine injury. As a result, they looked for other problems, couldn't find any, so discharged me with some blood thinning medicine, which had no beneficial effect, whatsoever.  We were basically left to fend for ourselves, and as a result I was almost totally incapacitated at home for more than a month. My husband had to wheel me around on an office chair, e.g. to go to the toilet, because I was too dizzy to walk upright.

    9 of November 2021:

    We were lucky enough to find a very good doctor in Parnell. This doctor prescribed Ivermectin which helped reduce my symptoms a lot and he also advised me to take supplements, which helped.


    Six months have passed since the very first breathing problem and I still have palpitations and feelings of dizziness as well as anxiety attacks.  I was a very healthy person before the vaccinations and currently my health condition is far from what it used to be like.

    I'm still suffering, and still angry, and still looking for a medical response for my symptoms s well as acknowledgement from the government that vaccine injury is real and that they have a moral obligation to provide an appropriate medical treatment to sufferers.