• Kirstie

    I reluctantly got a dose of Pfizer vaccine on 30/8/2021.

    The same night while I was trying to sleep my heart was beating at 112 beats per minute. It was irregular. I could hear it sloshing loudly in my chest.

    Next day I had some chest pains and these pains continued for five months.

    Over the next week I developed Arthritis in my fingers that was incredibly painful. Painkillers not work; also suffered insomnia, tinnitus, and a deep fatigue that lasted 7 weeks.

    After the 8th week I started to feel like myself again, but I still had ongoing chest pains that my doctor dismissed and also told me I'd have to pay $400 for an ECG in their clinic.

    At this stage the mandates were not in force, so I'd decided myself that I wasn't going to have the second dose, I'd tried it and it didn't work for me.

    Then the mandates happened which turned my world upside down as I felt like I had no control over what happens to my body by being forced to have the second dose just to keep my job. It sent me into a real downward spiral while my workplace went through the proposal (I knew it was a done deal and that they were just going through the legal motions) then the timeline for everyone to comply and get their injections or lose your job.

    Our workplace risk assessment was deemed ingenuine by our union, but they still didn't help save my and my workmates jobs.

    The mandates came into force on the 2nd of December, but my workplace used me to get through their busy Christmas period, then sacked me on 10 January.

    They put so much pressure on me to get the second injection that I had to wonder what was in it for them. I had many sleepless nights with worry, had to get counselling because I felt suicidal. I was withdrawn from everyone and just going through the motions. It was actually a relief to get stood down and removed from the toxic workplace full of pressure, rules, regulations and overbearing into my personal life with an injection that will affect me 24/7 and not just while I was at work.

    My workplace would not support me if something went wrong and I ended up even sicker from the second injection, so I refused it and chose my health instead.

    It's been a hard journey and I feel like the hurt runs very deep and that I'll never be the same person.

    I'll never trust anyone again - I'm meaning the people that should have had our backs like doctors, government, employers, police, politicians.

    Our rights as humans were trampled over and I'm struggling with that.

    Thanks for reading my story.

  • Paula Forlong

    I had the jab on the 26 November.

    I never had any intention on getting it and got stood down from my job as a nurse.

    Unfortunately I received intense pressure from family and was under a lot of stress. So I caved in and got it. I saw no way out.

    Initially I just had a headache and tiredness.

    Then on day 3 I had a racing heart and chest pain.

    The next day it continued so I asked my husband to take me to the doctor. At the doctors they sent me to the hospital after having a concerning ECG.

    I was admitted overnight and was seen by a cardiologist the next morning. I had an ECHO (scan of my heart) and they said it was clear and my ECG was normal. They said I was under a lot of stress and wanted to change my blood pressure meds. I asked when the chest pain would go and they said in the next few days and they weren't worried that I could feel my heart was thumping out of my chest. Also because of my age (53) they weren't concerned about the cardiac effects of the vaccine.

    So I was sent home.

    I went to my GP to discuss my new medication and he said it was good I had an inflammatory response to the jab. I said I was feeling fatigued, light-headed and weakness in legs. He sent me for blood tests and that was it. All clear.

    I continued to have fatigue, light-headedness, pressure headache, brain fog, weakness in legs. This came on and off and I never knew if I was going to have a good or bad day.

    I also got diarrhoea and intense nausea the first week.

    After three months the fatigue and light-headness finally eased. I have no more headaches and feel like I can finally function normally.

    I have not had the second jab due to the symptoms and therefore cannot work as a nurse again.

    I am ready to get a job now, I feel like I have the stamina to do a days work now.

    I have a couple of supportive family members, the rest have no interest in my reaction to the jab, they just wanted me to have another one.

    So It's been an interesting time and I'm so glad I'm finally through the worst.

  • Erena Fussell

    I have had neck pain on the same side of the injection since vax #2 five months ago.

    Started in the afternoon/evening of v.

    Doctor says it is muscular, caused by the v., and requires physio.

    Recommended not having #3 after reacting to both v's.

  • Lee McMillan

    My 17 year old daughter immediately had a reaction from the 1st injection.

    We were escorted outside so that those around would not be alarmed.

    She started hyperventilating and reported a racing heart almost passing out.

    A week later the 'shaking episodes' started. These came randomly, sometimes in the middle of the night.

    She reported a stabbing pain in the heart followed by ice-cold extremities and uncontrollable shaking, with her jaw locking and teeth chattering.

    All of this whilst passing in and out of consciousness.

    The first time it happened I took her to A&E where we ushered to a testing tent outside. I begged the 'security guards' to let us in as my child could barely walk.

    It took 7 hours for anyone to attend to her and by that time all the tests came back 'normal' and we were sent home.

    This has been my life now since November last year.

    Episodes occurring randomly on average once a week.

    We've been to the doctor numerous times who has now put us on a waiting list to see a Cardiologist.

    In the meantime my daughter suffers for 'doing the right thing' whilst trying to maintain normalcy.

    She reports having lost much of her strength from the moment she took the injection along with regular chest pains, pain in her left shoulder and elbow, and a racing heartbeat.

    It's very difficult to bare and I don't know if she will ever recover.


  • Dmitri Krasyukov
    Lower Hutt, Wellington

    Symptoms that still happening over 4 months now since 2nd Pfizer Jab on 26th of November 2021:

    • Headaches (back of the head mostly) or sometimes just feels like pressure or heavy feeling
    • Lightheaded/dizzy (rare now)
    • Small flashes of light in the vision (rare but happens)
    • Ringing in the ears, tinnitus (at all times but less noticeable during the day)
    • Ears popping (sometimes)
    • Neck pains, shoulder pains.
    • Chest pains, sometimes dull pain - sometimes sharp pain (reduced in frequency at the end of Feb)
    • Chest tightness, heavy feeling. (Reduced in frequency at the end of Feb)
    • Heart Rate at rest has improved recently (end of Feb) but still spikes when moving around and on my feet for long, still can't exercise or walk for too long.
    • Heart Palpitations (reduced in frequency at the end of Feb, but still happens); used to be very intense and very frequent for about 2 months.
    • Upset stomach (occasionally)
    • Left leg or sometimes both legs get tingling & slight numbness, calves twitching or in pain and cold/hot sensations at random.
    • Left Arm pains, tingling and pins/needles occasionally. Numbness in fingers (rare but happens)
    • Extreme Fatigue (This one seems to rarely go away, prevalent about 90% of the time)
    • Brain Fog, difficult to focus or think.
    • Confusion (sometimes)
    • Full Body random aches and pains, muscles twitches, tingling, cold/hot sensations, sometimes even tingling in the face and tongue (rare but happens); Occasionally notice strange taste in mouth appear out of nowhere (comes and goes)
    • Shortness of breath (reduced in frequency at the end of Feb; happened almost daily in December)
    • Overall, very sickly and rundown feeling like my body is constantly fighting with some sort of virus or infection that won't go away, no energy to do anything or focus on anything.
    • Broken sleep (often wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep again for hours)
    • Hair loss - This is a weird one (but there is 100% more hair fall out every time I shower or if I brush my hair, like 10 times more than I would normally get before all this started. (Possible thyroid issue?)
    • Blood Pressure - Often in the normal range but also jumps randomly for no reason to either very low or high! (I have a proper device that I use to check regularly)


    Early symptoms after Pfizer that I used to get in Nov/Dec 2021, but they mostly stopped:

    -Used to get fight or flight feeling at random for no reason as if I'm going down the roller coaster (sinking feeling in the chest) or having a panic attack, followed by shortness of breath, confusion, high heart rate and dizzy/lightheaded.

    This is roughly how everything started about 4 weeks after 1st shot of Pfizer in October 2021, and then got worse after 2nd shot of Pfizer in November.

    Kept getting this strange symptom in December as well. Would happen at random and sometimes multiple times a day (couldn't identify a trigger, would happen at random times no matter what I was doing)

    -Used to get random chills and low-grade fever at random as well. (For over 3 months now since the end of November I've experienced all these symptoms on regular basis at random times on & off, making me lose trust in my own body and being unable to perform even basic tasks. Simply walking on my own or driving on my own doesn't feel safe anymore, even being at home on my own would feel unsafe when there is no one around to call an ambulance, if I am unable to do it myself).

    This is all from someone who used to gym at least 4 days a week and would run half marathons.  I never even had a GP till December last year when I ended up in hospital 4 times and ended up signing up with a local GP as well. Zero health issues prior to all this.

    Everything start after getting the jabs, my life has changed, my body doesn't feel like my body anymore.

    I want someone to be held responsible for this and people like me (many of which are in a lot worse condition then me) need compensations for the damages, this should not go un-punished!

    Government and Pfizer need to be help accountable for forcing people to take this experimental poison which did more harm then good.

    PS: Medical system has been zero help as well, doctors at Hutt Hospital / Boulcott Hospital / Wakefield Hospital / Wellington City Hospital, and my GP in Petone, all did nothing to help. They did some tests, didn't find anything, and send me on my way.... Everyone was too scared to admit what has happened!