• Ben Jonutz

    Aly Cook has my information

  • Amy Brenner
    Lower Hutt, Wellington

    After receiving my first and only dose of Pfizer in September last year I have suffered multiple adverse reactions such as chest discomfort, heart palpitation, chronic fatigue, arthritis and blood vessel damage (varicose veins).

    I have been on anti-inflammatory and pain medication ever since.

    I am still not well.

    My life is no longer the same.

    I would NEVER have done it if I knew the horrible side-effects of this experimental product. However, at the time, unfortunately I was naive.

    I totally trusted our NZ government that this vaccination was totally safe.

  • Laura

    My name is Laura Aisi.

    I'm 27 and have an 8 year old daughter.

    I work in ECE and was mandated to receive the vaccine.

    I was hesitant to get the vaccine due to losing a school friend Rory.

    Despite everything inside me wishing not to get the vaccine I knew as a mother and a partner I had a duty to provide for my young family.

    On the 18/02/22 I received the booster at a local chemist.

    I have nothing but regret since.

    My public story tells some main parts medically.

    Today I am still unable to work. I experience a lot of pain in my chest, shoulder, neck, arm and hands. I have neck twitches, hand and arm tremors, numbness, head aches, fatigue, pins and needles.

    I struggle to parent alone, do day to do activities and live a normal life.

    I miss my work, I miss being a teacher, I miss my body.. I feel like this body I'm in now is not mine. I'm constantly stressed. I worry we will lose our house. I worry about our bills.

    We are on one income.

    ACC have declined my claim.

    I have tried to get support through WINZ. I spend hours waiting all to be told they will call back, they don't call back.

    I have reached out to local MPs with no contact since our initial phone call.

    I want to raise awareness for all vaccine injured, I want things to change. We need more support.

    Please contact me if you wish to talk further.

    Many thanks,




    My public story on Facebook:

    I am V*x Injured.

    My story, My truth.

    For those of you that don't know me, my name is Laura. It's taken some time for me to feel comfortable but today I decided it's time to share my story more publicly so that people are aware v*x Injuries are REAL.

    I am 27 with a 8 year old daughter and a partner. I work in ECE and in order to keep my job I was told that I had to have the b**ster by the start of March 2022.

    Despite finally opening my eyes to truth I felt I still had no choice but to get it done as I have a daughter who relys on me and a mortgage to be paid. So with hesitation, on the 18th of February 2022 I reluctantly went to a local chemist who run a walk in clinic and I received the b**ster. Within 20-30 minutes I was experiencing shooting pains up my neck, a dead arm and fatigue. Throughout the early hours in the morning of the 19th of February I was waking to a tightness and sharp pains to the left side of my chest. These pains would come and go, but as I was so exhausted I continued to fall back and forth to sleep and awake in pain and shortness of breath.

    By midday Saturday the 19th of February, I was continuing to experience pain in my chest, exhausted and scared. I called healthline who insisted I needed to go to ED as soon as possible. On arrival I was sat down in a wheel chair and taken through to the "Red Zone" . Within minutes I was in a bed, set up on an ECG, questioned by the nurse's and left on a heart monitor. After some time my bloods were taken to see if I had any damage done to my heart and I was left to rest while I waited for the doctor. Hours past, the doctor came and i was given the all clear to go home "use Panadol if pain persists" he said. Despite still experiencing pain I trusted I would be ok and I tried to continue as normal.

    As days passed I continued to experience a tightness and heavyness in my chest and pain which travelled in my left arm, in my shoulder and into the back of my shoulder with swelling. I returned to ED on the 23rd February, I was set up again on a heart monitor, had an ECG and bloods done. The doctor sat with me and explained the results were fine, however I do have swelling and due to the obvious pain I was in he would advise me to take the rest of the week off work and said " you should be fine for work the following week and if not you should return to ED". He prescribed me with codeine for pain and ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory and sent me home.

    The following week came around and I was worse off than before. Still taking pain medication prescribed by the ED doctor. On the 1.03.22 I went back into ED with the pain predominantly in my left arm and shoulder.

    I had lost movement and strength in my left side unable to grasp things in my left hand. Again I was put on the heart monitor, given an ECG and had bloods taken. My heart rate was up and down but in the nurse's words "not too concerning". The doctor then did physical tests on my left hand, arm and shoulder comparing to my right side. The deterioration, strength and movement was obvious. After a long wait and the doctor liaising with the head Doctor in ED they decided to lodge a claim with ACC for V*x Injury. They advised me that they would like me to get an MRI done but that they were unable to do this at the time through the hospital due to the hospital being so busy. The doctors words "you would have to be almost completely unable to move in order for us to take you through to MRI". The doctor was clearly upset and shaking as he told me this and soon after discharged me from ED.

    That same day I called my GP. During my appointment with her she read the notes from ED, I further explained all my symptoms and what I had been told. She organized for me to see a specialist in order for me to get an MRI. She also wrote into ACC to extend on the claim lodged by ED in the hopes the costs for further care and investigation would be accepted and covered.

    Over the past few weeks I have continued to experience pain, pins and needles, chest discomfort, dizzy spells, shortness of breath, swelling and at times I have loss of movement, shakes and fatigue. I'm on several pain medications and nerve blockers that I have to have on time in order to help cope through every day living.

    I have been on and off the phone to ACC for weeks who are refusing to accept my claim and help with treatment until I have an MRI that shows satisfactory evidence of v*x injury, despite now 5 doctors who have said this is a v*x injury. Because my claim hasn't been accepted by ACC the cost of further investigation and care has to come out of my pocket. Due to this injury I am unable to work, I am unable to afford the cost of a specialist appointment and a MRI.

    The point of getting this b**ster was so that I could work and look after my young family. Now I am left unable to work and support my family.

    I got the b**ster because I was mandated to do so and now the government wants to wipe their hands clean of me while I am left picking up the pieces.

    I was not given a choice. I was given an ultimatum. This wasn't supposed to be the outcome.

    I share my story to raise awareness,

    I share my story to help those of you who are in the same position or know and love someone who is,

    I share my story in the hopes of change,

    I share my story for myself and my family.

    I welcome you to share my story.

  • Robert Amtmann

    Astra Zeneca double jab.

    Debilitating tinnitus, blurred vision, constant abdominal pain and lameness/loss of function of right arm/hand.

    Currently waiting test results for treatment via NZDSOS as normal family doctor diagnosed me with vax injury but would not provide treatment. NZDSOS think it may be nervous system adverse reaction.

    Have been booked off as unable to work but continue to do so as symptoms allow. I have working from home since last 23rd Dec due to work not allowing me in the office due to my vaccination status which was the reason for taking the vaccine - coerced by work no jab no job policy even though I had advised that taking a vaccine may be risky as I suffer a medical condition.

  • Abbey Walker

    I work for the bank and they brought in a 6 month policy for the mandates. They opted in to do this.

    I never wanted the vaccine but felt I had no choice as I was told my position may not still be here if I worked from home so felt pressured into getting it.

    Had the first Pfizer vaccine on 16th December.

    Since having it within minutes I felt really strange, light headed, weird pins and needles down my neck and arms.

    I've had heart palpitations, stabbing pains in my chest. Feeling really spaced out and off. Extreme fatigue like the smallest of tasks that I used to do around home and now a big thing.

    I've been experiencing anxiety and almost panicky when my symptoms come on.

    I'm a mother of two so this has hugely impacted on my day-to-day life.

    I've had two ambo call outs and two hospital visits with little outcome or answers to why this is happening.

    I even got encouraged to have a second vaccine which I think is absolutely crazy.

    No accountability is taken and the Dr's, specialists do not know what to say or dismiss it's a vaccine injury.

    I have been forced to continue to work from home as I cannot enter bank sites unless I'm double jabbed. I can't get an exemption as I don't qualify.

    It has been my biggest regret getting the first Pfizer vaccine. I got told it was safe, effective and I was doing the right thing.

    I'm still feeling unwell from it and definitely don't agree with children having this vaccine. It is not safe, it's experimental and definitely not effective.